hey all,

please have a listen to my little wing solo for tone. I need to work on my timing and i have to work ot the end of the solo, just playing it by ear, but if u could crit tone etc it would be great.

I will crit for crit just leave a link

The tone is nice. It's not played prefectly, but quite nice. Some timing mistakes as you said before.

Crit mine? TNX Super Colossal (Satriani)
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I like it, the tone isn't bad at all. Like others have said, at times the timing is a little off. In other places, it seems the notes overrun a little, maybe work on some more muting. Other than that, great job!
Sounds very nice, but if your trying to replicate the tone of the actual song id just recommend using a little less distortion, however it still does sound good as it is. Your playing is also good especially considering that its just by ear. Looking forward to a full recording