Howdy all.
im off on a bit of a road trip tomorrow and im taking my Fender Hotrod Deville. Im just wondering about any tips for safety or what not as far as looking after it mid journey. Its going to be packed into one of those U-Haul type covered trailer things with a whole bunch of other gear. Im mainly after any tips there is for looking after the valves and all that jazz, if there is any.
So any help you guys can give is much appreciated.
Get on top of my coffin woman.
I suggest you remove the valves and wrap them individually. The amp itself should be put in a large box with a thick layer of styrofoam peanuts (those white things you get in packages). Put a layer of them on the bottom of the box before you put your amp in. Fill the box with peanuts and wrap tightly in generous ammounts of tape.

^^I read that in a guitar magazine, when a guy asked how to protect an amp when you want to take it as luggage on a plane.

For a road trip, you won't need as much protection. A wooden box on wheels will do.