I have really been wondering a couple of things about guitar brands. I would like to know the style of music each brand name guitar is best at making sound good. These brand names include Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Schecter, Ibanez, PRS Really I've been debating between Ibanez and fender cause I like the price and looks. I don't no wut they sound like tho and I don't really like metal or classic rock too much.

Also what happens when a guitar has a bucker then two single coils above it? How is that different in sound and whats it for, is it good. I like alternative rock the best. Whats the mai difference in music style between humbuckers and single coils?
could you name some bands that youd like to sound like because i dont really know the definition for alternative rock
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Nirvana, Blink-182, some songs from The killers, some ongs from rise against, some green day old stuff. Does anyone know what brand has the most features also usually and tonal variations. Really I want a guitar that can play everthing. One that culd switch from a strat sound to a bucker sound thats under or around $500 maybe a little over that.
OK first they arnt really alternitive bands...but if you would like to sound like some of those guys i would go for the fender jag-stang, there is also a new guitar that is called a jag-master its a mix between a jag and a strat and bit of other fender guitars. they should also be in your price range.
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So basically u guys would stick wit a fender over an ibanez or anything else why? and what bands are ibanez played in so i can get an idea?

The reason im argueing is because the Ibanez SA260FMAMB on muscian friends looks cool especially with the duo bucker pickup system. I'm wondering if that is a good guitar.

also when u talked about the jag master i was wondering if it was made by fender and with fender quality cause ive heard bad things about squire. Is squire fender?
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what if i bought the cheapest jaguar i could? is that better than a jagmaster sound wise?

Also what about the Ibanez SA260FMAMB did anyone check?

Whats the difference whether u hav 2, 3, or 4 tonal controls switch knob things. PLeas explain to me what they do and how the amount of them affects sound. Also what do the little switches that go up and down and r next 2 the knobs do. How do they and there amount affect sound because most guitars have 1 but the fender jag has like 6! Why?
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i dont know what all those switches that jag has does. and i would recommend you to get a standard fat strat, you would be able to get more sounds out of the strat then the jag
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Ibanez is mostly a heavy rock/metal guitar and Fender is a classic rock/alternative rock guitar.

*cough* lest we forget Malmsteen and John 5 who use real Fenders and Jake E. Lee and EVH who use strat remakes, either ESP, Kramer (owned by Gibson) or Charvel (owned by yours truley, Fender)
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