i wanna paint a guitar and i was just wondering what type of paint i should use, i heard that acrilic laquer is the best. What do you guys use and coz i live in th UK what brand can i buy.
Nitrocellulose lacquer is prefered by most people. You can use 1-part polyurethane lacquer, too, but it's not quite as nice. If you use the 2-part polyurethane laquer, like from an auto paint shop, then you need a spray booth and such to spray it; it's very toxic. You should wear a good respirator mask no matter what you spray though. Acrylic lacquer will work as well, though it's not generally preferred as a finish.

You can get decent water-based paints, too. See www.stewmac.com and similar sites - do a search online.
^^ No idea...sorry ive taken ages to reply again. Heres what I use to paint guitars:

A primer (Get one thats sandable a nd can be sprayed on timber/ wood etc)

For the colours use car paints. I use this brand

I believe they also make a clear coat in a spray can. What ^^said is a start.

Also so you know what to do before you start painting??