Ok, so as some of you may know Im trying to rebuild a B.C Rich that my friends found behind a guitar store. Anyways, Im trying to figure out what pick-ups to put in it. I want a sort, In Flames sound maybe? I was thinking of a EMG-HZ H4 Dual-Coil Humbucker for the bridge, and some type of EMG Single-Coil for the neck and middle. Any ideas?

By the way, the pick-up cavities are like this-

Bridge (Double)
Middle (Single)
Neck (Single)
Why do you want EMG passives? They're known for their active pickups - there are better passives.
What kind of sound are you going for? Also, what's your budget and current setup(amp, pedals etc... )?

Edit: I didn't see the in flames part I'm going to say if you have the money look into bareknucke or swineshead pickups. Do you know what kind of wood the body is made of, if it's made of agathis just throw it away.
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