hi .. i got an emg81 pickup lying on my table

im getting a epi les paul standard this fri.

the reason why im putting in emgs is cos im a huge fan of zakk wylde and his great tone
im looking for that beefy thick kinda tone

wat combo would u all recommend?

i had in mind the emg85 neck emg81 bri. however, ppl say that the emg81 sounds bright. will putting the 81 in the neck and the 85 in the bri change it ?

i dun really like bright sounding stuff. tts y .. i prefer dark sounding with more mids

all with prior experience in emgs in les pauls .. please help me !
do NOT put two 81s in your guitar. itll sound boring and will have no true tone. Get a Hetfield combo or a Zakk Wylde set. (hetfield is 81/60, and the best, but you have to buy them seperately.) The zakk wylde set is GREAT, its what i use in my schecter, just the clean tone for the 60 is a little better, more versatile.
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EMG 81 in the bridge, and either the 85 or 60 in the neck. I personally prefer the 60 for the neck. I'm in the process of replacing the EMG 85 neck pickups in my ESP and LTD with 60s.
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keep the 81 in the bridge
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the 60 s what James Hetfield uses in the neck position of all of his guitars. Listen to Nothing Else Matters live, go to youtube.com and search it up, you'll hear how clan that thing can get, it is as clean as EMG makes 'em, but just as hard too.
so .. the 81 in the bri is alright ??

it can give me a thick beefy chunky kinda tone ??

im afraid it will be too bright.. tts y
I'd go 81 bridge/60 neck. That is, if I were an EMG convert. I tend to favor other brands first.
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so .. in a mahogany les paul

the 81 wont sound too bright ?

am i still able to get that beefy chunky tone?