Please Crit!

The song hasnt been completely mixed - hence why it sounds a bit odd after drums and stuff comes in... but otherwise i think it sounds alright.

We used quite crappy stuff - like squier strats and crap drum kits - but yea... tell us what u think!

:-) Cheers
definitely not my style, but the recording s allright. the drums sound as if they're in a room next to mine wich is a bit weird, but maybe that's your goal.

and if I were you i'd leave the wooo sound out of it, sounds really gay:P
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As I said before, I love the clean tone. Drums are a little muddy, but it's a cool effect.
Sounds very nice. Heavily reminds me of a Pixies song...

Good production, good drumming and guitar; the voice is odd but works well in this style. I like the song
it's alright, except for the muddy drums. also, maybe it's just me, but the vocals didn't always sound like they were part of the song. I mean, the voice sounded a bit "by itself" in the mix.
The "woo" in the beginning sounds a little out of place. I like the tone of the guitar though, but it sounds like the drums have a ton of reverb on them or something. The vocals sound off pitch here and there, but it's not bad. Definitely not my style but not bad.
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Knowing this song very well, I believe you didn't keep the classic "chime" of the song, the woo was badly timed, and the guitar needs to be more distorted. Also, the vocals are somewhat lacking, they seem to be missing something...

As a KoL fan, I give it 6 buckets out of 10.

I will also record my acoustic version of it later...
Originally posted by sprkidjar
Sounds pretty good. The bass sounds weird. The vocals were good, except for the part where you screamed, you sounded like Elmo.
ill def check out your stuff

.....the guitar has a nice clean tone to it...and the drums are a bit muddy like someone else said but they are in time which is good...the vocals are nice and clean and pretty much in tune which is definitely important...for not being mixed i think it sounds really nice....ive only heard this song a few times so i cant really comment on the preciseness but the whole thing is very clean and together....i cant really think of anything in particular to comment on a way to make it better, great job and thanks for the crit!
Nicely done, when the vocals got high they went a bit off and the drums were a bit muddy, but the guitar tone was good and everything was in time

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The Guitar Sounds Great Though
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Musicly its great, I Like the tones. The type of music isn't my thing, but I still liked it.

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hey thanks for all ur comments!

i do know drums r a bit muddy - but i can fix that i guess...

i agree with the vocals - just needs a bit of work - but thanks to everybody!
Wow, that's sounds amazing, especially the guitar. Drums are shoit, everything else sounds cool. Keep up the good work, get more stuff on!