I'm pretty new to guitar, I've been playing for about three weeks, I was wondering what is the best way to learn a song all the way threw? I also wanted to know if enter sandman is a good first song to learn all the way threw, I can almost play all of it but the solo. thanks.
Just take it one bar at a time, I think thats the best way to do it. Enter Sandman seems like a fin beginner song.
well you have been playing for weeks ofcoarse you wont get solos. and ya there isnt a trick, just practice.
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either get the tabs, or sit down and try to do it by ear. that way you can train yourself to be able to hear things alot easier. also you have to practice your ass off. don't expect to get good playing 10 minutes a day. o yeah, i wouldn't learn enter sandman but thats just me.
Thanks, I have been using the tab, and I have been practicing my ass off, i've been playing at least 6 hours a day for the past few weeks.
my schedule is very lenient. some days ill just not really get into it and only play for a half hour or hour or womething, other days i can spend the whole afternoon and wonder where it went and why my homework didnt get done.
Just like Slayer, Piece By Piece:P
It'll give you more satisfaction too if you can play 4 bars right
instead of half the song crappy
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boardsofcanada is right though too. be very carefull with alot of practice since I overdid it right now and I'm going trough Hell cause I can't play... (I used to play like 9 hours a day if you're wondering - had a week vacation)
Wise Man Says: The guitar is obviously female, she's got hips, breasts... and a hole.
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I think that the best way to get through songs fully is practicing it over and over, but give yourself a break from the song sometimes, or it'll get boring if you just work on the same riff for multiple hours without any variation.

And how long you practise is up to you. Practise when youb feel like it, never 'force' yourself to practise. I personally practise about three or four hours a day after school, but I switch between playing bass and playing guitar (so I get a bit of variety). And practise doesn't mean just trying to play one thing perfectly, it can be fooling around to find soemthing that you think sounds good.