Hey all,
My problem: I like to do trem flutters. This means i have to have the whammy bar parallel with the strings, but it always seems to get loose and fall, so it points down towards the floor. (hope that made sense).

The whammy bar is put into a holder thing, which goes through the bridge and is attached with a bolt on the other side. The bolt keeps coming loose which makes the whammy bar loose.

It never used to do this. But is there a quick fix to this? like putting a washer between the bridge and the bolt?

Thanks in advance
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^ What kind of trem is it?
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floyd rose sorry, this is a picture of the bolt (still in the bridge):

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^ I tried that last night, and it worked for about 15 minutes then it just came loose again
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use an alan wrench and make it really tight
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