Ok I got this Marshall Amp(Master Lead Combo) really cheap £50 and its really old and I need to know what the year? SN.A12195, and how much they actually are worth? It sounds great and its in good condision slight wear but with a service I can get it up to scratch in no time any info would be great.

Thank you.

What exactly does it say, serial number wise, on the back....

if its "A12195" then its probably from 1969-1970, but 50 pounds seems rather cheap for that old of a Marshall...........also Marshall didn't start making master volume amps untill 1975, so something fishy is going on.

If you can, try and give us more info on the model, and see if you can find some pics online to post.
the sn is exactly like this SER.N0A12195, the 0 has a line under it, and the numbers have been stamped and the letters have been printed onto a little metal plate at the bottom on the back it has 2 speakers, I bought it from a guy who had it and did'nt know how much it was worth he quit playing guitar years ago.

He said he has had it for years but someone else owned it before him he said he bought it around 1975 and used it for small gigs.

When I get my camera i'll post some pictures of it maybe 2morrow.

also I can't find any info on this guitar or pictures, thats why i searched here.
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Sorry double post, It has at the top of the Sn Made In England printed not stamped/pressed.
Its worth about what you paid for it. I've seen it for more, and less. From what i've read its a 30watt Solid state combo from ~1970......
its too bad it isn't a Bluesbreaker.
Would anyone have a good idear on how much there worth? if its one of the first SS amps i didn't get ripped to bad lol, I have no idear about Marshall this is my first Marshall Amp.
I don't think you got ripped off.......the basic price range I've seen them go for is ~ 50-125 pounds
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You'd get back what you paid for it probably.

Thants kool at least I know now lol
thing is it can't just be 30 WATT becuase its massive bigger than what the picture give off, and my other 30WATT amp get draind away its more like 50WATT to me anyway i dont really know that much about it.