although i try to play right, i've come into a strange habit..

when i sit down and play, and lay the hand natural on my bass ,the fingers are already on the fretboard (im quite tall, 1.85meters). First i just played and didn't thought about, but now i've got some problems playing with the "2 finger system" over the Pickups (where you "normally" play). I only discovered this because i wasnt satisfied with the sound of my bass, and when i played over the Pickups it suddenly sounded really better...

anyone some advice how i could correct this the fastest way? i mean i have really problems playing "normal" (my damn fingers sometimes get stuck because i have no fretboard to wipe them over).

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either rest your thumb on top of your pick-ups,
which may affect the sound slightly, or use a dreaded pick. :S
hope that helps.
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use a pick...i hav problems like that to but a pick fixes it for me
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Yeah - anchor your right hand by always keeping your thumb or one finger in the same place, like on the top of the pickup.

I play on the fretboard sometimes because of the different sound - play in different places along a string and you can get a real variety of tone. I get bored playing the same way.
using a pick is (nearly) impossible and although its not the thing what i want and i think its impossible to get the speed i need with a pick, and i just dislike the pick-sound, too woody. I mean i think my finger technique and speed is quite ok, i just play at the wrong spot....
i love it when you hate the world ~ Zuko
then just try finger on top of your pick up then.
it'll only minorly change the sound
and it's only for when your playing the E string.
otherwise rest your thumb on the E string, simple.