ok, not my cup of tea. but only coz its not my kind of music. and your out gigging which will only help you improve. im not going to cricise from what i heard although you could do with some power behind the vocals to give them an antthemic feel if you wanted, but all in all ok!

if you really want you can be as harsh as you want to my bands first recoding, as im new to all of this recoding shizz and we wana improve !

Well, it's not my favorite kind of music but there's really nothing that I dislike as long as it involves guitars and drums. It sounded very good to me, one thing I didn't like was the effect on the guitar.. maybe it was just my speakers screwing up though, they've been acting funny lately. I'd prefer just clean for that kind of song. I would also suggest jazzing up the drumming, I guess you don't want it super heavy like I'm used to but it would be nice to hear just some different timings other then the same beat over and over. Keep working on it, sounded great.
really the only thing I can tell you is to try to thicken that guitar tone up a little bit... and lose that effect in the first song, or at least turn it down a lot. what is that anyway? a flanger?

oh and the volume of your vocals are all over the place... but that's just an issue with your recording, and not a criticism of the band itself.

overall, though... not bad. keep playing and keep improving.
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