I made up this riff this morning, i think it's pretty cool

I really want to record this song using my electric guitar, i think it would sound alot cooler... but i need to get a new patch chord. I also am writting lyrics to it so it wont just be a long ass jam, right now this is just an idea for a song. Just seeing if you guys think it sounds good or not

feedback would be appreciated.

I... like it! heh. the timing was a little bit off in some places, but that's not a big deal. you said you were gonna add lyrics, but I dunno... it doesn't really sound like a full song... with the lead, it sounds like a little part you'd hear after a second chorus or something, then at around 1:24, it goes back to the regular song.

but meh... that's just me.

oh and if you do this on electric, pleeeaaase don't kill it with super ultra mega metal distortion.
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