At the moment i have a cheap les paul copy which has nice tone but i feel its time for a change. I play mostly modern rock maybe some lighter cleaner stuff. I would like to stick with the les paul design but not totally necisarry. I have a budget of £200 to spend and would like a guitar that i could play before i buy. So what do you think i should get within my price range, (baring in mind i can go a little over.) Also i dont mind buying of ebay aslong as i can go to a shop and play the same model first.

cheers joe.
But everyone slags off the epi les pauls and will they really last me a good 3 or 4 years
I know those agiles look great but i cant try one out and i'm uk
Epiphones are not bad at all, just overpriced a bit.
Did you consider a strat?
Errr i really dont like the feel of them, and prefer humbuckers, im not reading your sig :P

how about ibanez?
200 quid? I don't think there's anything that great to spend with that and I certainly would save up more.
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I got my ibanez jetking 2 used for 225...idk how much that is in the U.K. But its got 2 hums and a 3 way toggle switch and its great, love to play blues on it and it just screams for grunge, i love it.
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I paid $350 usd. (Not sure what that equals to in your range) For my Epi Les Paul Classic... the guitar is amazing. One of the best playing guitars that I have ever owned (and I owned alot!)

You cannot go wrong with Epi.
#1. Keeps saving and go for an Epi LP.

#2. Save even longer and get a Gibson LP Studio.
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to electric blue sYEAH I LOVE THTA GUITAR it looks amazing but i cant find anywhere to play before i buy which si so anoyying but im in loveeeeeeee with it.