My tone knob has become loose and moves around I took off the back panel of my guitar (i dont know much about electronics though) and there was nothing to tighten back there so i know i have to take off the knob on the front but im not sure how. if anyone is familiar with the schecter classic, its a gold knob but it has a black circle on the knob that i would imagine would have to deal with removing the knob. Though its just a circle, no allen wrench no screw driver... how do i remove the knob?
A lot of guitar knobs are slip on... First, look at the knob completely around the side. If there's a screw hole at any point, then it's a screw-in, and you'll need to loosen the screw before the knob'll come off.

If not, then it should come off fairly easily. I've heard that a good way is to take a tshirt and slip part of it under the knob, and then start twisting the shirt until it pops off.

Personally, if the knob doesn't come off easily, I use a flathead screwdriver, but that could ruin your finish.

Once the knob's off, it's possible the shaft is held in place with a nut, in which case you just need to tighten the nut to secure it.
You take the knob part off. Then thiers the pot. Thiers little nuts. Just loosen them up and you can take it off. Tightening it will make the knobs tight however.