What is the deal with EMGS? There really good, but i cant find them for sale separetly from guitars. Do you have to special order them or something? IVe never seen them outside guitars.
Most shops carry EMGs. Go to your local guitar store and ask the tech/salesman
EMG HZs are Passive
EMG (insert number here) are actives. Locally here for me to get actives it would cost $220 (for an EMG 81, 60 with routing for a battery), plus tax.

Passives say EMG-HZ on the pick-up covers.
Actives say EMG on the pick-up covers.

What kind of bands do you listen to/what kind of tone do you want?
no not really the guitar has nothing to do with the active part the active only means that it has a built in pre amp that needs a battery (but the battteries usually last like a year) and emg does have sum passive pick ups too
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I was curious because im getting a new guitar that has passive pups and wanted to change to others. Any sites that have the lists of pups from emg?
EMG's make passive and active pickups.
Actives have more power.

Passives say EMG-HZ on the pick-up covers.
Actives say EMG on the pick-up covers.
Just like Refixer said.
You should be able to find them in most guitar stores. All the music shops in my city have them.

I think you have to have to have enough space for active pups in youur guitar because of the battery, but not completely sure.

Also, they are different in price. A EMG HZ would be around $60-$80, and a active EMG would cost about $100-$120.

They are good pickups. Most bands like active pups, but passive are used by bands too, like Children Of Bodom

Good Luck
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Yep. 1 9-volt battery (although some people may use two, for more power or something like that)