okay, so I'm replacing the hardware and pickguard on my MIA Strat, and I'm debating on whether or not I should sell it. If I don't sell it, I'll probably never need it again and I won't get any money out of it. But if I do sell it, I'll probably want/need it back right afterwards. But since they're from an American Deluxe Strat, I could probably make some decent cash off of them. Suggestions? Thanks.

Oh, and it's the pickguard, tuners, and bridge.

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Don't sell the parts if you're gonna keep the strat for a long time. You never know how people might want to have an all original MIA strat like yours in 40 years.
that, and if you want to sell the Strat in a few years, it will sell for the same amount with the original hardware as it would upgraded from what I've found. I've sold a couple of my strats, and sold the upgraded tuners and pups seperate. Schaler lockers go for about $50 used, and a wired pickguard with decent aftermarket pups will usually sell between $120-$200 depending on the pups. I got $185 for an EMG SA prewired pickguard I sold, and that was after putting the original pups and guard back in the guitar before I sold it. People would rather buy original and upgrade it themselves from what I've found.
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