its about time for me to put new tubes in my Marshall 9200 power amp.. it needs 4 preamp tubes and 8 power tubes (not sure that makes a difference but just in case i get asked later).. i was wondering what kind of tubes i should get (i really dont know anything about them) and by what kind i mean what brand.. it takes 5881 power tubes (could also be 6L6?).. im not sure if different brands actually have different tone so as ive stated in other posts i play stuff like Maiden, Helloween, Dream Evil, Hammerfall, Metallica etc etc..
If you are happy with your tone, just tell the pros that handle your amp to replace the tubes with the exact same kind that are being used. If you want to change the tone, thats a whole different thing.
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I vote eurotubes.com I retubed my Hotrod Deville with eurotubes, and they really make it sing.
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