The concept of parents watching over their kids, brother over sister, friend over friend, boyfriend over girlfriend ; life experiences. Being the protective person when the person you?re protecting doesn?t like it. Coming to the window knowing your protector is there even though you cannot see them.

I know why you carry on
I know when it will be gone
I know why you hide in your bed
I know what?s inside of your head

Can?t get to sleep
Wake up, what will you see?

I know what this storm will do
I know what cloud will reign over you
I know why you?re up at night
I know what isn?t your delight

Now are you awaken at night?
So just what gives you a fright?
Get outta bed
Now why have you come to the window?
So now what do you know?
Climb back in bed

I know what watches from the dark
I know if its in your heart
I know how long you will sleep
I know that you will see me

Guitar solo
I like it, just had a go at playin a little tune for it, sounds good with a light tune on an acoustic, but yea good work
Nice Work. Is the top in italics like a voice oevr during an intro, or is it just explaining to us the meaning to your song?

Also, it seems like you have a good setup to this song, about someone who is over protected and doesn;t appreciate it (i think?) Keep it up.

Did you see what I did there? I made fun of his mom!
The stuff in italic is an explaination, I'm doing that with all of my lyrics I'm posting for now on, so it's easier for people to understand.