So y'all read the lyrics aaaaages ago in S&L... And I've finally got round to recording it (sort of... It very nearly went in the bin). I'll probably re-record it sometime if it's said to be worth it

Bear in mind that the lyrics are meant to be a bit gay, and it's meant to be a bit of an English-country-garden-tally-ho getup.

To Be In Love...
I thought it was pretty cool. Has a caltic feel to it. Your voice is a little overpowered by the guitar though, and it should be the other way round.
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I think it's beautiful, as usual. I can see the sing a long in an English country garden thing... much better than a white lightning on a park bench thing.

... anyways, back to the music, I enjoyed it muchly. I think we should get you some recording studio time sometime, i'd love to take you along and get something down I think it's worth re-recording, but to be honest, the roughness suits the song in some ways, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Singing is brilliant as usual, dunno if it's quite as good as when you sing Milkshake, but still top notch
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Good, but I could barely hear the vox.
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