is it possible to have two instrument connected to an amp in any way? like a guitar and a mic im not rich so i only have one amp
if theres 2 inputs, yes. but the sound will be muddy when both inputs are producing signals at the same time
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yea, it a couple ways
-buy an A/B/Y box
- use a Y cable
- use the multiple inputs in your amp (if you have one)

Check out an A/B/Y switch though, they are pretty cheap.....< $100
oh can i ask a question in here?
can you hook a mic up to an extra guitar amp instead of buying a PA system?
guitar amps can run mics wout of them but they will color the tone of your voice.

dont ever have 2 things running out of one amp. (loudly)

1. it will sound like crap.
2. probably be kind of buggy, like a volume problem
3. you will likely blow your speaker.

only do it if its a stareo input and stereo output. 2 voices, 2 speakers.