I strongly like my afore mentioned guitar, but don't really like its two point, floating tremelo. I lowered the screws in an attempt to bring the trem into contact with the guitar body, hoping to aid tuning stability and maybe even increase sustain.

My problem is that this didnt work as well as i hoped because the trem isn't completely flush w/ the guitar body. I'm thinking about putting a different trem on, but i don't want to have to make any major alterations to the guitar body ie i want to stick with two point trem instead of putting in a six-point. would this trem fit my guitar? would it do what i want? trem: http://www.warmoth.com/hardware/bridges/bridges.cfm?fuseaction=bridges_standard

If not, do you guys have any suggestions?
For tuning stability: Put a piece of wood in the cavity.. You have a little metal-thing going vertically into the body (in which the strings are). Put a piece of wood on either side (about 1/3"). This will lock the trem and it's totally reversible if you should want to have a trem again. (But this will disable the trem, and the trem-bridge will act as a sort of string-through-body bridge)
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the fact that its floating and its design increases its tuning stability, if its not staying in tune or even going in tune then have it looked at, or see if your using a different gauge string to what its set up for. i love the tremolo on my american deluxe strat, its so much better than the 6 point ones for everything, tuning stability, tremolo, comfort etc. well it is in my view anyway.

why should it need to be flushed to the body? i can still change the tuning on it easily and it still stays in tune just as well.
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If you don't want to use the tremolo the easiest way is just to block it. You would still want to adjust the two contact points so that everything fits flush.
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