Okay i'm going 2 buy a Fender Guitar. It will be my first electric guitar and I have some questions on pickups. The answers will decide which guitar I would like more out of the two I have choosen.

I will either get a basic strat or a fat strat deluxe with a texmex pickups.

Also I wondered if a fender humbucker mixed with two single coils sound better than if it were all one type.

What sounds better for fast played pop or punk music plus sounds good for more of a classic rock or grunge rock.

Overall What I really want to know is what Fender do u guyz recommend I get. I want somthing that sounds great and has good tone. Also try 2 find one below $800. plz I luv fender but I don't no what guitar sounds best.

Plz if u can answer all of my pickup questions cause I don't no anything about pickups and tremolo's so plz educate me!
okay 2 simplify things do fender humbuckers or single coils sound better. Or do they sound best when mixed together on on guitar. Also whats's the best fender humbucker I could get for pop punk, punk, classic rock, grunge rock, basically that area of alternative rocks.
To prevent from you possibly wasting money, i reccomend getting a Mexican made Strat, that way in case you decide to drop playing guitar (I assume you haven't played before as this is your first electric) you wouldn't have spent all $800 that you could spend on something you may want more. Also, when you are at the store, ask one of the workers there for their opinion.
Probably humbuckers?*but don't quote me on that. If you want to use a lot of distortion and overdrive humbuckers are the way to go.

*shrug* I know nothing about pickups really.

SD your cool. and i would recommend the ts get a standard fat strat and put some dimarzio pickups into them
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