I understand modes completely fine, so I don't need an explanation of those. But now that I've started to use them more and more, I'm interested in which modes sound good in different types of songs. For example, I have a good jazzy progression in C Major, and I like to use the G Mixolydian mode over it. What are some other good mode used in jazz?

Also, is there an appropriate time to switch modes in a certain song?

Sorry if my questions are bland, but hopefully they're easy enough to understand. Thanks for any help.
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You play the mode that contains the same notes as the chords you're playing. Playing G Mixolydian over a C major progression is the same as playing C Ionian over that progression except that you'll probably put more emphasis on G than C.
try the E Phrygian, since it's in C. That'll sound pretty nice.
Well are you trying to see what emotoins/moods the different modes evoke while played over different types of progressions?

And also, since you claimed you know what they are, couldn't you experiment yourself as well? (you probably already have, and I'm guessing you just wanted some outside input?)

Appropriate time to change modes during a song? If the key changes, between the verse and chorus, or verse and bridge, or whereever you think it would sound good. I hope some of that helped you
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