Who likes him, he is folk/raggae. He is such a talented musician, I love his music.
haha when i saw this thread i thought it was ben harper who used to be in yellowcard. lol sorry a bit off topic.
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Widow of a Living Man is such a good song. Very emotional song.
I just got Both Sides of the Gun. Fricking incredible. If you get it get the 3 disc one. It has acoustic, live and alternate versions it is worth the extra money.
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shall not walk alone is a great song.
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
I've got his release with the Blind Boys of Alabama and Both Sides of the gun. I really enjoy his music and hope to get my hands on some of his older releases.
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I haven't heard much from him, but I do think "Excuse Me Mr." is pretty amazing, as is "Please Bleed".
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Please Bleed is one of my favorite songs off altime so I probably do like Ben at least a tini bit.
I wasnt really a fan until I saw him on Rove Live, now Im hooked... very talented man!!
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I got into his stuff alittle while ago and im liking it
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And the chili peppers arent? What a dickwad. Ben Harper
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