i'm getting sick of the same old strings so any suggestions? i play stuff like Iron Maiden and Megadeth
Rotosound. I have Dean Markley's right now... the Skullbusters. I love the tone except I don't get quite as much bass as I would like.
I used to use Dean Markleys. There was something I didn't really like about them...I don't know what. Right now i'm using the GHS Boomers Flea Signature set. I like them a lot because the E string is a little more punchy because they use different materials or something. It's not a huge difference but it's nice. I've been wanting to try Rotosounds but I heard they were rough on the fingers.
I adore Elixirs. Expensive but worth it i think.

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^ Ive only played old DR colors, but I find that they lose thier luster in about a week.
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I like the Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Bass Strings(the Orange Package). I love the snap that they give and make your bass sound great. I just customized my P-Bass about 3 months ago and they still sound brand new
Elixer nanowebs, last forever with great tone.
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can't stand ernie ball. they just feel and sound like crap to me.
i'm a DR lowrider stainless steel guy. haven't tried the nickel ones.
their guitar strings are pretty sweet, too.
Ok.. on the same path.

Just interested what people would do and why..

I can buy 5 sets of d'addario xl for $102 au

Or me beloved ernie balls 70 for one set..
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i'm getting sick of the same old strings so any suggestions? i play stuff like Iron Maiden and Megadeth

One of our local music stores sells individual strings. My preference is to put on a heavier G string than normal (ie 55 instead of 45) as the standard gauge does tend to be a little less punchier than the rest of the set.
One thing to remember is that when you start messing and experimenting with differing types and gauges you will more than likely have to reset your action and intonation including the neck.
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go with the dad's. then again, i happen to think ernie ball makes the lowest of the low (quality, not bassiness). i played with ernie balls for awhile. then i tried out some other stuff and realized what i was missing.
before you go out and spend 25-50 dollars on strings consider this...My bass teacher was at my house for a lesson the other day and I was talking about how bad the dead nickel Ernie Balls on my SR506 sounded...(IMO nothing sounds worse on a bass then dead nickel strings...I didnt pick up my 506 for about a week because of the horrible sounds that those dead nickel strings provided )...He asked if i had ever heard of musicians friend brand strings and I said I never did...He suggested I look them up and I did...I bought two packs of Musicians Friend brand Steel strings...Two 4 string sets for 17 dollars...Thats like 8 dollars for a pack of 4 bass strings...I have to say, these strings are not bad at all...They really surprised me...The tone is similar to that of GHS Bass Boomers and Blue Steels (the 2 different sets of strings I had on my bass right before I bought these, the bass boomers were heavy gauge strings though)...The tone of the MF brand is not as punchy as the GHS' and isnt as good as the GHS' but it is still pretty good and provides a good slap tone...Its brighter than the Blue Steels though but still provide good low end...I cant comment on the longevity since I've had em for a week and a half (playing constantly) but at one third of the price of GHS, Blue Steels, etc, I think I will continue to use these strings for a while, since I'm cheap and I need my 30-40 dollars for cables, saving up for pedals, etc...Plus my bass teacher has these equipped on like 4 of his 9 basses...and i trust him...

SO if you're cheap like me then give these strings a try!


they dont have 6 string sets though!!
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Thats cool, i'd love to give em a try but nothing more than i'd hate playing a gig and one of my strings snaps because i was cheap..

But i think i might, we'll have to see. I am going to go out and buy a pack of the d addario's before i buy 5 packs of em, just to make sure i like them.