another sad break up song. hooray. it made me feel better, though.

time stands oh so still
how long has it been
my tears don't tell time
only the sorrow
and pain felt by a
wounded heart bleeding

who's to say how men
react when their world
crashes round their feet
does dignity prevail
or is pride lost in
the aftermath

you played the game and
played it well, i was
lost inside your words
reality felt
it's grasp loosen from
the bonds of my mind

the worst is yet to come
darkness and the weight
of being alone
brings me new visions
what we could have been
disappointment weighs
heavy on my mind

never again will
i feel your warm form
pressed against mine
and taste of your lips
God, will i miss that
yet i miss you more

solace comes from the
apathy time has
taught me to welcome
maybe i'll see you
later when we are grown
and i'll look on with
scorn at your life
i'll be completely honest: i didn't like it. dont be pissed off at me, i just think the whole 'sorrow' 'bleeding hearts' thing has been a bit over done. and forgive me but i like songs that have a hook or chorus to them.
regardless it is well written.
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I love you Joel
I agree with Joel. Theres too much sadness out there in songs, I wouldn't call it, but some people might call this emo (whatever that means these days). But keep it, if it means something to you, and keep writing!
no worries. i make fun of myself for it, because i bash emo kids then turn around and wrote this.