okay, so im starting bass and i have no experience whatsoever. i want a really cheap one that is pretty good and wont break up or anything. so i saw this really cheap one.


do u think 100 bucks is worth it? i dont need a super high quality. as long as it wont fall apart then im fine.

or i saw this one


it looks like a good pack but i dont know about the amp.

do you guys have any good suggestions for bass guitar + amp for very cheap?

i dont play any heavy metal. just christian. thanks.
Look for an Ibanez or Squier starter pack, they are good basses for the price. Not expensive either.
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Sx... *Dry Heaves*

No, go Squier. much better quality, sound and name value.
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Don't go with the starter pack.

Every accessory is crap.. trust me. I got my bass just days ago and the guy working at the shop says it's probably better to buy everything seperate then gettin' cheap crap for 100 $ poor made in China.