So, my friend and I had the brilliant idea that we should take a speaker from a mini-amp, and place it inside a crappy Strat Bullet. It seemed like a really cool project at the time, but we found it was gonna be a bit tougher than we thought to make it work. We ended up forgetting it a few months ago, but we found the pieces of guitar littered around the room, and decided to start the project up again. My question to you guys is: How would you go about doing this project?
Here are a couple pics:

Our idea was: Since we are limited on room inside the body, we were just gonna put a single humbucker in at the bridge, and put the speaker above that where the other two pickups should be. We would have to cut a hole out of the pick-guard for the speaker and new humbucker to fit in, but that is no problem. We would then have to Dremel/Router out a place for the speaker controls to sit in, and a place on the backside of the guitar body for the battery/AC adapter plug-in to go. Also, there would be a cable that runs from the Output-Jack (from the pickup) to the Input-Jack (for the amp; which will be somewhere on the body) Now, the trouble is as follows:

We were wanting to be able to switch between using the amp mounted on the guitar and a regular amp. This would be (theoretically) achieved by using the pick-up selector switch; which will be modified (of course). But we are not sure how to do this. We will have the humbucker going into the selector switch, and then (theoretically [cool word]) have one side of the switch be going to mini-amp in the guitar and the other side of the switch go to wherever. We will probably put another Output-Jack next to the one already there. We just need help wiring everything to do that.^

Now, if you were man enough to read through all of that, then Congratulations!! and thanks a lot! I would deeply appreciate any help on the situation at hand. If you need more information (lol) or clarification, I would be glad to do so. Thanks again in advance!!
- FJ

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Somewhat neat idea, but wouldn't it feedback like crazy?
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its already been done i have a guitar like that and it sounds like crap
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Meh, it's not like I'm doing gigs with it. It's just a fun project my friend and I are working on. More of a, "Yea, I did it." type thing. You know?
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If you find [balloons in his bedroom], it is a sign that Satan may have taken your child by the hand and skipped off together to see the movie, Up without your knowledge.

Wouldn't putting a speaker under the strings interfeir with the vibrations, and cause some sort of feed back?
Kramer did this back in the early 80's. I wanted one of these so bad, I thought it was the coolest thing. My friend Joey Marconi's father owned a music store in No. Attleboro and I got to try it out. Sucked more c*ck than Linda Lovelace. But what do you expect out of a postage stamp for a speaker!???
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If youre using a strat, you could put the speaker by the top cutout.
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Yeah, graigster is right. they are already in production and it probably wouldnt be worth your while to do it. My friends little sister has one and it sounds like crap. Way worse than i ever thought possible. But if you wanna try, go for it.
yeah that idea "guitar with built in amp" has been done..look at musiciansfriend.com or whatever.
It looks like you're gonna need a smaller, simpler amplifier, something powered by a 9v battery,
I think you might be able to come up with one using opamps or transistors.

Second, you could just use a DPDT switch to switch your hot lead comming from your pickup to either your amp or your output jack, you could also use the same switch as an on/off switch.
Pignose do them now.

I think the main thing would be balancing the magnets...

Not sure what that means :p

But somehow, the magnets from the speaker have to not affect the magnets from the pickup.

But it's worth a try.

Edit: as for an actual question...

I'm sure there's a way of using a stereo jack as a power switch... Well, if you could rig up something like that, with or without a NOT gate, then the logic'd be simple.

But I think that if you put the output-to-external plug in series with the output-to-internal system... Using a stereo jack... You could set it up so that inserting a plug breaks the circuit to the internal amp.
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