Most of you guys probably havent heard this song but it would still be nice to hear your thoughts on it or the production. Thanks so much!


I just uploaded it so it might not be up yet but check back!
omg.... cute w/o the e and up and go! 10/10 for chosing music i like..... lol

the quality of the recording is so/so. your vocals aren't that bad for this type of music. maybe a tad nasally, but who am i to say? i like it in its own way.

i wont comment on the guitar parts as im a vocalist and not much of a guitarist, but it did sound like how the starting line plays it if thats any wrothy for ya.

arg, i wish my bandmates liked pop-punk. can i join your band? lol.

p.s. cute w/o the e is pretty damn good.
Hey if you lived close to us you could definetely join lol. We dont have the best equipment so thats why it doesnt sound the greatest. Thanks for checking it out though!