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Ableton Live 5
0 0%
Pro Tools (newest version)
8 100%
Voters: 8.
I'm looking at a recording interface that is compatable with both Ableton Live 5 and the newest version of Pro tools. Which of these is better? I will not be using these programs for any kind of live performance, and price is not an issue. I'm mainly concerned with sound quality as well as ease of use and ability to facilitate creative expression. Let me know.
Personally, I'd go for Pro Tools.

It's the industry standard and it's popular, so it'll be easier to find help and stuff

That said, I've only used Ableton the one time, so I'm bound to be biased.
ProTools hands down. The MIDI parts have been improved (though they still could use a lot of work) but the audio editing and the effects automation are the best. The native effects are a little less impressive than, say, Logic's but they're good bread-and-butter plugins that can handle most situations.
Pro Tool, even though i never had it, This is my way of letting out my anger b/c ableton live is so **** complicated to use
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pro tools,with pro tools le you can take it to one of those big multimedia studios,upload it on there computer and work with it there.

Also look into cubase sx as an option
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