Grandma?s House

Mom: Jimmy time to Go!!!
Little Boy(jimmy): But??.But??.I love Grandma?s house

(song begins)

At grandma?s house
Its lots of fun
We swim and fish
And swing and run

She makes us treats
All sorts of sweets
They don?t smell like feet
Or look to beat

She is so nice
She doesn?t yell
Or say words
Like damn and hell

We love to stay
And sleep overnight
When we go to grandma;s
We never fight

When its time to go
I cry for days
Until my mommy
Buys me lays (potato chips)

Its time to go
So goobye friends
I hope to see you
All again.

This is my first attempt at writing things. I figured the easiest thing to start with would be children songs cause they are always like nursery rhyms and stuff. If you have any comments please post so I can work on my material.
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This isn't supposed to be bashing your work or anything , but it made me laugh. Good work , man.
whatever your on, I want twice the dosage.
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lmao amen to that cemtary. Good for a children's song. If I didn't have pride, I'd totally go "THATS SO CUUUUTE!"
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me too
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wow if i were 4 youd be my hero. i dont think you can say damn and hell in a childs song though.