Which one is better? The Epiphone LEs Paul Elitest Standard or the ESP LTD EC-1000 w/ SD? I play Jazz, Hard Rock, Classic Rock and some Metal.
I haven't tried either one specifically, but judging on the general quality of each company, the price, and the specifications of each guitar. . . I would buy the LTD.
well i personally woudl go with the ltd, but thats just cause i personally like ltd's over epiphones, but if your not really into metal, id go with the epiphone, but i mean its your call, try both and see what u like

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I'd choose the LTD. =)

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However, if we're being all grown up about this (in the pit?) walkingonspikes is dead on
I think you guys are undercutting the Epiphone Elitist series.

The Elitist Les Paul Custom is a beautiful guitar, and quality-wise blows the Gibson Les Paul Studio out of the water (and they're similar priced).

The LTD Deluxe series is also great, and you'll get a smidgen more versatility compared to the EMG ECs. It's also a tad thinner and lighter than the LP.

The LP will do jazz better than the EC, but the EC will do hard rock/metal better than the LP.

They're both great guitars. Try them out. Really, you can't go wrong with either guitar.
I'd personally pick the EC-1000 over the Elitist LP any day, but that's just me. Quality-wise, they're pretty comparable, although I tend to prefer the hardware and electronics on the LTD. It's got the Earvana nut, Sperzel locking tuners, and a Tonepros bridge and tailpiece, all of which are way better than the hardware on the Elitist. And the SD pickups will blow away those 'Gibson' pickups in the Elitist.

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The Elitist Les Paul Custom is a beautiful guitar, and quality-wise blows the Gibson Les Paul Studio out of the water (and they're similar priced).

If you stated that as true, then you have to say the Elitists is also better than the Gibson LP Standard. People alway assume that the Studio is somehow a lower end guitar when in fact it isn't. It's a Les Paul Standard without binding and different pickups. That's all. It's not a lesser model in any way. If you're talking a low end Les Paul, you should refer to the LP Special and LP Jr.
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the ec deluxe or if you wanna go pro get the eclipse II but out of the guitars you said take the ltd its the highest model for the ltd class besides the signature series
Elitest for me, but tbh their completly different guitars, just a similar body shape
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