ok, i have an ibanez rg350dx, with the tremelo system and i have a bit of a problem. i was using the standard factory string gages .009 .011 .016 .024 .032 .042 so everything was fine. well i decied to switch to the zakk wylde ghs boomers which are considerably thicker gage. they are .010 .013 .017 DY36 DY52 DY60 . so i put those in, and tuned it and then the angle of the tremelo was weird and the tremelo was way more slanted than it should be. i tried to adjust the spring tension in the back of the guitar and that didnt work, i know this is stupid but does anyone know how i can fix that, i would appriciat any help i can get
Wow, .42's to .60's is a huge change.

Do you know how to properly set up a floating bridge? If so, and it's still all awry, you're most likely going to need extra springs. . . or. . . a Tremol-No!
honestly, i only know a little about setting up a floating bridge, its my first guitar with one, ive read about it and tried to figure it out, and i am pretty sure that to make the bridge not all messed up like that you have to tighten the springs and i did it as far as it would go but it didnt help, so that means that i need more springs?
yea it def needs more springs but you can try putting the springs you got now in a \|/ shape instead of |||
You might want to check out the neck relief on that after you installed the strings. The neck might be screwed up and you may need to adjust the truss rod (done carefuly or just simply by experienced/pro).
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