Hey guys i did an acoustic Hinder medley...all the info about it is pretty much on my site...basically i chose five great Hinder songs and used parts of them in a medley...i tried to salvage as much as i could with vocals, but i cant even get close to Austin from Hinder, but i gave it a shot....please let me know what you think!

Acoustic Hinder Medley
^ok and thanks for the compliment on what i got.....im real interested to see what people say about Hinder though!
Never heard of hinder before....

But that was great

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thanks for the crit, Ive never heard of hindler, but that was really cool, vocals sound on key, awesome self chorusing it really adds something, i really like the guitar, 8-9/10 i really liked it, and im gonna have to check on this hindle sounds good man keep em coming, and now looking at my itunes i have 3 of ur songs that ive listened to from dmusic haha, keep em comin
really like it
ur voice sounds great with this song!
i really like the whole medly thing
ive never seen that b4
great work!
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Oh, and azza, you're a pretty good writer! Graybass is a god amongst men and you're turning real quick to be his new messiah lol.

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You're doing good, mate.

Keep up the good work.

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I've never even heard of Hinder before, so yeah.

Sounds good. I like your voice, awesome playing. Recording is pretty good.

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i'm surprised not many of you guys have heard of Hinder! If you havent, you definitely will soon i promise,! they are definitely up and coming, and gaining a lot of popularity throughout the states (cause they kick a lot of ass).....anyways thanks for the nice compliments, anybody have suggestions?

This sounds really nice...especially your vocals. Original sounding but still solid, very much like the dude from Crash Test Dummies maybe.

I'd prefer if the guitar had a bit more "weight" to it, it sounds awful thin compared to the deep of your voice. Maybe play around with double tracking or something? Maybe add a bass line?
^hey man i totally agree about the guitar....in future im definitely gonna double track and i think i may add some bass line, thanks for the constructive crit, much appreciated!

and i've never heard crash test dummies but thanks for the compliment!