Well i saw this item on the net and i was wondering, is its worth it? i mean does it work? if so then which should i get: Ligh, Extra Light or Medium?
Also my english is a little rusty(I speak Spanish) so can anyone tell me what the "Ruff Rider Ruff Grip Callus Builder Caps" do and if they are a good buy?


Ruff Rider Ruff Grip Callus Builder Caps
I actually got me a pair, Medium. You cant expect them to inprove your playing like crazy. They are good for me cuz i can go to school and when i get bored i just pull them out and sit there messing with it. Sorta like building strength when your guitar isnt around. And for the callis builder, I dont think its worth it. I dont have it, I mean build callus by playing.
eh, its alright (the gripmaster) i geuss it does help strengthen your hands, but it seems like if you over use it you could get sevre hand problems. I have one used it avidly for about a week then kind of for got about it.
And wich is better? light, extra light, or medium? what i'm looking for is to improve my speed, dexterity and endurance
I went with medium. I didn't want to out grow the others quickly. It helped I guess. I had it forgot about it and when I found it in my room I used it again. It helped me slightly now that I use it again. Just don't overwork it!
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