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who?who cares anyways Axl's a stupid white prick with dreadlock ****in cornrows stupid ****
Empire Records one of the best films ever.
His name isnt Warren.
His name isnt Warren.
His name isnt Warren?
I thouht his name was Warren?

"slayer sabbath:
whats wrong with metal, has this website been taking over by power chording, girl pants wearing, emos?"
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Why would he put himself down to that level?

Oh well, he'll get popularity/fame off of it, which isn't too bad.
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whatcha gonna do
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yea those were my reactions I mean ya why get someone like Ron Thal to play in a band which potentially cripple his style of playing. moreover no matter how good he is, these goddamn ignorant chicken **** bastards are guna keep comparing him with Slash and putting him down.

however saying that, keeping my biases against Axl aside, I really hope this GnR kicks off and stays alive. With the imminent release of the album, and GnR now having a tour underway, and with Ron Thal on guitars, this is the chance that shred might have been looking for, to come to the forefront. GnR back in the day was synonymous with Slash's ultra-cool image and his trademark guitar sound. Hopefully Ron Thal will capitalize on that and break new ground (which I have no doubt regarding, considering he'd with all due respect, pwn Slash multiple times over).