Hey guys, this is another "what should i buy?" thread, so just a heads up.

What i'm looking for:
->Dreadnaught Body, Cutaway.
->Solid top (maybe sides too)
->Up to $550 AUD <-- take not of the last part
->Something thats actually sold in Melbourne
->Sounds great
->Feels and Plays great.

Ok, so thats pretty much it. Help me out, guys.

Well this is another 'go to your local shop and try everything in your price range' answer :p
Forgot to mention that i have done that, and my local shops have absolutely nothing. Was hoping to find something found a little further than local, but still not too far away.

Any suggestions, please.

No more "go look for yourself" answers. Thanks.
Its the best answer...we can give you recommendations, but it comes down to what your local shop carries. Since you've posted before, we've already found out most of our suggestions are not available in your area. So you need to go to your local shops, play a couple of guitars, and then come back and tell us about them. Thats the best answer, I'm afraid.

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Or you could give some suggestions, and he could ask the local shop to order one of those. That's what I did.
So someone suggests a guitar that fills the 'criteria', he orders it, the guitar shop gets it, he plays it and doesn't like it and doesn't buy it.

I don't know about Australia but here in the UK the shop owner would be mighty peed off.
Get a phone book and find the music shops and go and have a look. I'm in Brisbane and thats what I did. You will find something in your price range. Just try everything you can get your hands on and then decide.
look for a breedlove, that was i have (AD/SR 25 plus) and it everything you are looking for but its run up to 1200 dollars.... but i love it