hello, i'm new to acoustic guitar and all, and i have a question.
when practicing on scales, is it okay to have your fingers touching the other strings when you're playing the lower strings (EADG)? especially in the case of the Low E string; i find that my pinky's bottom half is resting on top of the other strings as the tip of it is pressing upon the E string.
is that okay to do for the purpose of practice?

or should the tips of the required fingers be the only thing on the guitar while playing the desired note?
wich hand is it dude, your fretting or your strumming hand. if it is the strumming wich it seems like, it seems that your starting anchoring. there a thread about in the forum try looking there
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eh it'd really be to your benefit in the long run if you practice keeping the other parts of your fingers off the strings when you aren't purposely trying to mute a note. it will help you learn to play with your fingertips. you don't want to have your other fingers way below or behind the fretboard though. you wanna always try and keep them sorta hovering over the fretboard so they are ready and in position when you need them. it'll help you tons on speed in the future.
Yes, you want to keep your fingers arched. Not only does it allow you not to touch the other strings, but your fingers can apply more pressure in an arched position, and will only become stronger with practice.

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