Hey guys.. um i was wondering if you could give me some advice.. I've been playing an Acoustic Steel Stringed guitar for 2 years and I'm going to get an electric soon. I'm going to get a Squire Strat affinity, but i don't know what kind of amp to get- i've got a choice between a fender frontman 15w and a Squire sp10. (10 watt.) I dunno if i need the 15ws just for practicing.. and there's also the fact that the fender will cost more. Advice would be great. Thnx!
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well if i were you, id get either the roland cube or the Vox ad series. Most other solid state amps are not even worth looking at. and you really dont need much more than 10 watts to practice.
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dont buy an amp, amps are just stupid.

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