I was going to make some of my own instrument cable with stuff from Radioshack. I want to cut the to certain lengths and use some right angle connectors and straight connectors.

What exactly should I buy? Do I need certain type of cable? What connectors are best?
Neutrik Jacks, soldering iron, solder, some decent wire.
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you'll do better just buying them if you don't have a soldering iron. but if you really want to make em any 1/4 jack will do (they all sound the same regardless of what "monster cables" and other companies try to sell you). make sure the jacks are mono and not stero though (mono only has one ring on the tip).

then once you get the iron and jacks twist the black wire and ground together and then solder them to the longer plate coming off the jack...then solder the white wire onto the little plate coming off opposite side of the larger plate...there ya go..they will work.
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Alright thanks. What are Neutrik? I have heard of them but wasn't sure exactly what they were. Can I get the at radioshack? Will these be just as good quality as the kind you would buy?