This is a recording ive done this afternoon, the quality is (ofcourse) realy poor as i have absolutely no recording gear at home (except a simple Mic), the clean sound is OK, but the distorion realy gets me down :F

Anyway, the general idea for the song is laid down, and when i listened to it afterwards i think it got a bit of a Tool-ish sound to it in the beginning, but it will change afterwards.

The solo is still more of an improv, and ill sharpen it later when i finish the song with my band, we have a Cello player and i think it should fit in nicely.

As always its Crit 4 Crit

link:: http://ceramicuz.com/wouter/tracks/Spirit%20Breaker.mp3
cool little intro, reminds me of one of my songs actually, but once the distortion came in i didnt like it. i would say to tone it down
Hmmz, yeah maybe, our(or my :P) style is kinda weird i guess, but i kinda like it this way.

I reworked the solo btw this afternoon, and wrote something im pretty content about, its still sloppy and not finished (ull notice some typical fillers hehe)

link:: http://ceramicuz.com/wouter/tracks/solo-spiritbreaker.mp3

Tnx for the feedback! and leave a link if you want me to crit yours