Another acoustic from me. I'll get some full band stuff up soon if my recorder would work! lol. However, here's me and my acoustic doing Creed's One Last Breath on a boring rainy afternoon.

Let me know what you think, and I apologise if the guitar playings not up to scratch again, I am working on it.....

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I like it. It sounds pretty good overall. Just some things I noticed: At times the vocals seem a bit forced, at others it is a little nasal. Like you said, the guitar is just a bit off in parts, but thats nothing to worry much about. Overall, very good peice, keep up the good work!

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hey man i was workin on an acoustic "one last breath" too....i like this one a lot, the singing is in tune, and passionate in the chorus, which is great... although the quality isnt great, and the guitar part, although simplified, goes well...i notice you took it quite a bit faster than the actual song, but it pushes it on nicely.....great acoustic job...maybe if you could put some lead over it it would make it a little more full, but overall nice job!

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