Hey, I don't really write songs much, but i wrote this recently and just wanted to know what people think

Playing sad songs on my guitar
As I wait by the window for the sound of your car
I?d wait all day and I?d wait all night
If I thought that you?d come

Maybe I should play a different song
Maybe then I wouldn?t feel so alone
Maybe if I changed my point of view
I wouldn?t be so lonely, waiting for you

Are you ever gona come and break this spell
I watched the flowers die on my window sill
I?ve waited and I?ve watched the sun go down
But still I don?t hear the distant sound of your car
Do you care?

I think I?m gona learn a different tune
Gona learn a song I can sing to you
This is our song, remember it dear
It plays in my head whenever you?re near

It?s not a sad song about the falling rain
It?s not a sad song about heartache and pain
It?s a sad song about when I?m not with you
A sad song about the things I would do
To see you smile
To see you laugh

I know these sad songs they have no place
When you?re here you put a smile on my face
But I gotta admit that when you?re not around
The sad songs in my head are really getting me down

I get this feeling when I?m with you
I guess it?s the feeling that?s getting me through
I wish I could keep it for when I?m alone
Cos in your arms I feel like I am home
dude those lyrics are cool mainly because people can totally relate to them
but they are pretty cool