I am looking for a new amp to gig with. i play a paul reed smith santana se 2 and i play metal old skool type and heavy blues, i need an amp that give an intense metal tone while being able to create a nice crunch tone, it would have to be above 65w and not a stack becasue i cnt transport it around can you help. i current have a marshall mgdfx 250
vox AD100vt would be perfect unless you want a tube amp

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Noise gate (cheap)
EQ (cheap)
Well the MG250 has a alright-ish clean channel, you might be better getting a effects pedal.

Boss MD2 would be a pretty good bet, DS1 might work to.

I dont think its worth getting another amp since you already have 100watt's sittin next to you. Probably in the long run it'd be a better option to stick with a pedal.