I used to practice at a friend's house and I would use a Peavey TNT 130. I used it thru a distortion pedal at it sounded fine. He was selling it for $125 and I bought it to use at home. He gave me the instruction manual for it and i realized it was a bass amp. It sounded like a normal guitar amp but I didnt know it was bass. Is it ok to use a Guitar thru a bass amp? Any +s and -s?
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I know if you play bass through a guitar amp it can blow it up coz it's not meant to play such low frequencies so it's possible it could work both ways.
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You ever heard the blues stylings of the late great Steve Ray Vaughan, Along with his .13 string gauge on his Strat he used to play through a Fender Bassman amp and my god was it a tone which everyone wanted so its perfectly fine if you are after that type of thing but if a signiture draw dropping blues tone isnt your thing, you should reconsider,

hope that helps dude
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it wont work both ways. bass blows up guitar amps because lower frequencies make the speaker cone move more and that kills a guitar amp thats not built to handle that. the only problem i can see you having with playing guitar through a bass amp is not having as much volume. the bass cones are made to put up with more movement so they are more rigid so they wont move as much with this little guitar signal coming through them. it wont damage it or anything though
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it's fine.
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Guitar sounds amazing through a bass amp. Josh Homme always used to use bass amps with Kyuss. Once you've got into it you'll find guitar amps unsatisfying whenever you use one.
It'll work fine. You'll have a massive low end and the EQ might be a bit off but it'll work.

The old Fender Bassmans where actually bass/guitar amps at first until guitarists took up the majority of them (and bassists moved onto higher powered things)

I've spotted a few metal guitarists with huge rigs having a bass amp throw in for that low end (the guy from tool and someone else as well...i'm thinking sepultura but I can't really remember). As well as Josh Homme like mentioned.
bass amps work pretty good as long as you roll off the bass a little and boost the trebble, ive seen some jazz players useing bass amps because they are super clean
lots of people use a guitar with a bass amp. Some amps can even be used as both but these are mostly older amps
Hendrix, SRV, The Edge and Josh Homme have all used bass amps for guitars at points in their careers, the first three all used Fender Bassman amps.
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if you droptune pretty low, then it will sound better

it will also be bassier.
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adam jones, james hetfield at times, josh homme, srv...all have used bass amps. it's fine.

guitar --> signal router --> guitar and bass amp --> orgasm (yes i think it sounds that good)

I'm pretty sure that when a bass blows a guitar amp, it's the speaker that blows, not the amp. So you should be able to just replace the speaker with a bass speaker, right (or get a bass cab)?
Theortically yes. But bass requires a lot more power than guitar and the guitar amp's eq is set up for guitar and not bass.
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bassman? you know that amp? :p

and then there's hetfield who played an Ampeg SVT i believe

anyway, I think that bassamps CAN give some very nice and unique tones
I asume you could do a similar thing using a bass dist with a guitar?

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Ive played through a peavey bass amp with my six string. Sounded Great for rock and blues, especially blues

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Well I just put a bass dist thru my FX loop with the bass on full (btw i use it as a clean preamp I use my amp dist) and It's ****ing brilliant! I can't belive i didn't do it before!

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Quote by Invictious
Guitar -> Bass amp No probs i think

Bass -> Guitar amp Exploding amps!

The amps dont explode dude, you make it seem like a big huge thing.

The only thing that happens is the low freq over excurtes the speaker. This can damage the cone, surround, or the pole pieces.
I dunno, If I turn up my amp to loud with a bass it makes an annoying crackling tone but maybe that's 'cos it's a tube amp.

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Hetfield who played an Ampeg SVT i believe

He copied Josh Homme's setup after Kyuss supported Metallica in '92-3. J-Ho used Ampeg heads in the Kyuss days, and still does for some sounds.