1. I've got a Boss Noise Supressor pedal. It's last in my effects chain. Should I just have it at the end of the chain of should I plug my guitar into it, then put my effects chain on a loop from that pedal using the send/recieve sockets on the pedal?

2. I've also got a midiverb II. Is this best run at the end of the effects chain or plugging my Noise Supressor into my amp, and then using F/x in and F/x out of my amp to put the midiverb in a loop?

I'd appreciate it if someone could give me a definite answer without saying try it, as I would try it if I had enough leads too!

3. Last night at practice I was getting really nasty feedback from my amp using my strat. Volume was only up slightly from what I have it on at home and no problems at home! Any ideas? Also my midiverb always had the overload light on, so I had to unplug that. Couldn't understand it!

Thanks in advance.
noise supressors allways go at the end, its a general rule of thumb, as far as the midiverb it should go where it sounds best, its sort of up to personal preference.
But should I use the functions of it to loop my other pedals? Should it go AFTER the midiverb aswell?
yes the noise suppressor goes after every effect so it will work better, every effect you use creates more noise so effects after the noise suppressor will still make as much noise as they would without it.