i just got a vox ad50vt valvetronix and it has a 12ax7 used as a power tube and im wondering if anyone knows if i need to service it like a tube amp (ie changing the tube and re-biasing ect)???
Nope, no servicing needed. I don't think you even need to change the the tube (its soldered right in...can't remember)
I can't even get to the tube in my (blue series) Valvetronix without a screwdriver...
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really, thats not how mine is.

back of the amp enclosure... Its not a closed back cabinet
No, it only runs on like one watt.

And yours is different, since it's a silver series. Mine's blue.
You can change the tube. You can get slightly different tones from different tubes (well, in other amps, anyways; I'm not too sure how it effects the sound in the vox amps). But you shouldn't need to change the tube for a couple of years at the least.
i wouldnt change the tube until you need to. the tubes that come in them are some of the best you can get.
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^It's usually a preamp tube, but Vox uses them as poweramp tubes, since they only nees a small current for the Valvetronix system.