In April I bought an Ibanez RG. I forgot the exact model name but I bought for 450. Its price new is 700. It had a floating trem on it. An ibanez floating trem. Now, before I bought the guitar I hear that they were a pain in the ass. Nontheless, I still bought it. After two weeks, my e string broke. So I changed it. I put .10s in and it turns out the guitar had .09's in them. So the whole bridge got ****ed up so I bought .09s and put m in. It still was a mess. During the process I broke a new string. So after that day I swore to never use floating trems again. Now, a month and a half later I am recosidering nuying a guitar with a floyd as seeing many of my idols use them. So after readin the article on UG titled Buy It Once Ive decided tht instead of getting an allright guitar now Im gonna save money and get a really good one. A couple of questions:

Could the problem that I had was that the trem was a piece of ****?

I play metal, shred, blues, funk, classic rock and jazz. My Epi Lp can handle the funk, jazz and blues quite nicely so can you guys reccomend me a guitar for metal and shred? Preferably 24 frets 2000 USD and under please.

EDIT!!!!!: ****!!!! i meant 2000 USD. My bad!!!!!!!!

Thanks in advanced
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The problem you had was that you dont know how to properly setup a floating bridge guitar.
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Thats what she said...
it probably wasnt set up for the right strings

putting 10s on a guitar set up for 9s is automatically gonna **** stuff up.

take it to a guitar store (daddy/guitar center etc) and get it set up for the strings you want.
then it should be fine.

and youll break strings no matter what guitar you own.
get it set up for those strings you want and your golden.
and if you dont like floating trems... id say youd hate floyds.
Quote by madpickin03
The problem you had was that you dont know how to properly setup a floating bridge guitar.

Agreed. It doesn't matter if you go blow $2k+ on a guitar with a floating trem. If you don't know how to set it up, you'll have the exact same problem. Even when you know how to set them up, they're still a pain in the ass to set up. Not difficult, but time-consuming. And if you need to change to alternate tunings, you have to go through all the process again.

Unless you really need a trem, then I'd suggest buying a fixed-bridge guitar.

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200USD for a guitar with a good Floyd?

Good luck.

Read again. He said 2000, not 200.
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Yep, got one.

Godin EXIT22

Amazing piece of machinery.

Add a BOSS pedal ( metal zone) and your shredding your ass off....

I aso have a Gibson SG and a Jackson, both more expensive, never as good.

Trust me on this...

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