what song should I play for an audition for a band ?
You need to be able to play some chords, barre, powerchords, ... not to hard.
I mostly play some metallica and some rock/hardrock.
Can someone give me some advise ?

Play Hearts Crazy on You, from Acoustic fingerpicking all the way through.
*Good song structure
*Guarantee no one else plays it
*you'll be showing you are a connaisseur
*I'd think you were cool
improvise stuff, shows you can actually 'write' music, not just cover other people...
It depends on who your auditioning for. I'd suggest..... QOTSA or anything bluesy with mellow-dramatic solo and something impressive noboby knows, like James Taylor for example
Thanks guys, that helped me a lot !

If someone still has some advise, feel free to post.


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Find out what types of songs the band plays and learn them. Most semi-professional bands will give you a set list to learn if you call them and ask.